ACCEL Sportsman

Ever wondered what it’s like to compete at Summit Motorsports Park in your very own family car? ACCEL Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation is your opportunity to line up against some of the best in the sport- but Nick Hasting 2014 ACCEL Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportationhave a lot of fun doing it! ACCEL Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation is Summit Motorsports Park’s “beginner’s” money class. You can talk the talk- here’s your chance to walk the walk! $20 bucks and you’re in! 

Summit Motorsports Park is generous in its payouts, giving back round money, and cash to all who qualify in their finish!

Winner + Contingency!     $150
Runner-Up $100
Each Round Win $   5

Delivered on time by TFC Transportation Bonus:
The TFC Transportation “Delivered on Time” Bonus program just got even sweeter for racers in ACCEL Sportsman.  The minimum amount a driver can win at any given time for having a “Perfect Run” will always be $500!  And the losing driver goes home with $100 cash in his wallet as a consolation prize!  A perfect run is defined as having a perfect reaction time (0.000) then finishing the race by running ‘Dead-On’ his/her dial-in with a zero.

The purse will start at $500 and will remain that amount for the first five races (April 25th through May 30th).  Beginning with the 6th points race of the season (June 27th), the bonus will increase by $100 each week through the end of the season (6th race = $600, 7th race = $700, etc.).  When a racer does capture that “Perfect Run Money”, TFC will add $400 to the next race so the minimum balance will always be $500.  As usual, any money not awarded will be added to the final points fund for both classes.

ACCEL Performance Group $53,000+ up for grabs for Finish Line Club Members! Join now and earn points towards one of the the largest year end sportsman points funds in existence.  For more information, fees and racing schedule click here.


  • Time break: 12.00 - 19.99
  • Door Cars Only!
  • No Delay Boxes
  • No Computers!
  • No Electronics!

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ACCEL Sportsman Delivered On Time by TFC Transportation Point Standings September 26 2015


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