Track Rules

We are following the NHRA Rulebook closely; any clarifications or additions to the NHRA Rulebook are listed below. All other General & Race Regulations will be directly referenced from the NHRA Rulebook. To further enhance your racing experience, take the time to read and understand these rules as well as the NHRA Rulebook. As always, the Race Director's Interpretation of all Rules will be Final. 
(Rules Revised May 22, 2015)

1)  General ACCEL Points Series Event Information
     a)  Racetrack Information:
           i)  1/4 mile in length with a 1/2-mile shutdown area.

     b)  Gates Opening Time:
           i)  8:00 AM
     c)  2015 Scheduled ACCEL Points Meet Dates (10 Races):

          i)  April 25
          ii)  May 2, 9, 29, 30
          iii)  June 27
          iv)  July 25 (No Jr's)
          v)  August 15-16 (No Jr's); 22
          vi)  September 26
    d)  Admission Fees:
          i)    Quick Time Super Pro, Lakewood Pro, Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike Car & Driver $35.00
          ii)   Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation Car & Driver $20.00
          iii)  Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster Car & Driver $25.00
          iii)  Lakewood Stock, NHRA Jr Street Car & Driver $15.00
          iv)  Adult Crew $15.00
          v)  Child (6-12) $5.00
    e)  Race Time Schedule:
          i)  Juniors
               (1)  Time Trials         8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
               (2)  Eliminations    9:45 AM - 12:00 PM
          ii)  Pro, Super Bike, Super Pro, Sportsman, Stock and Junior Street
                (1)  Time Trials      12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
                (2)  Eliminations      6:00 PM – Finished
     f)  Special NHRA Racing Programs:
          i)    Summit Racing Equipment NHRA "King-Of-The-Track" - June 27, 2015

                (1)  Class winners will run-off for the title of Summit Racing Equipment
                     NHRA "King-Of-The-Track" and NHRA Wally!
          ii)   National Dragster Challenge - August 15-16, 2015
                (1)  Each class winners will receive an NHRA Wally at Kelly Services Night Under Fire!
          iii)  Summit JDRL League Challenge - May 30, 2015
                (1)  Each class winner will receive an NHRA Walley.

2)  Finish Line Club:
     a)  You must be a member to receive weekly points and be eligible to compete at either the NHRA

          Summit Racing Series Division 3 E.T. Finals or the NHRA JDRL Eastern Conference Finals.
     b)  One FLC Membership is needed for each class you wish to accumulate points in.  Membership fee

     c)  Points are not retroactive. You must be a member prior to or before you leave that night to receive
          points for rounds won.
     d)  Each FLC Membership will have one (1) designated driver.
     e)  Required Series Stickers
          i)  Required Finish Line Club contingency’s stickers must be in place before first round of the day

              you join points.
              (1)  Required Placement ACCEL Super Series/McIlvain Race Cars Super 64  decal location:
                    (a)  All stickers must be in a visible from a front ¾ photographic angle at starting line,
                          left and right sides.
                    (b)  Dragsters
                          (i)  In Line with drivers shoulder
                    (c)  Door Car
                          (i)  Between and above the front spindle and rear axle centerlines
                    (d)  Motorcycle
                          (i)  On Rear fender cowling past rider, swing arm and or wheelie bar mounted logo plate
              (2)  Required Series Decals
                    (a)  ACCEL Super Series/McIlvain Race Cars Super 64
                    (b)  NHRA Summit Racing Series (North Central Division Team Finals) decal

                    (c)  R&R Auto Body 'Paint My Ride' (Only required if competitor wishes to compete in the 'Paint
                          My Ride' program)

     f)  Contingency Program:
          i)  Many
different products supporting our winner’s and runner-up’s
          iii)  Go to for a
                complete list of Summit Motorsports Park contingency sponsors and details on sticker / Proof of
                   purchase requirements.
          iv)  Stickers are available at Customer Service on the Budweiser Side.
     g)  Points:
          i)  You may earn points in more than one (1) class.  However, you must have an FLC Membership

               for each class you wish to earn points in.
          ii)  You may enter more than one (1) class at the same event.  However, you must have a separate
               vehicle for each class you wish to enter.
          iii)  Points accumulation
               (1)  One point per round won is accrued.
               (2)  The driver will earn points, not the vehicle.
               (3)  Points will accumulate in the class they are earned and are NOT transferable to
                     another class.
               (4)  Ties will be broken by:  most feature wins, most R/U, most semi-final appearances, furthest
                      in eliminations, number of race appearances, run-off, or flip of the coin.
     h)  FLC Permanent Numbers:
i)   Numbers will be available on a first come, first served basis.

          ii)   Numbers available are 1 – 9999 with the following exceptions:  #1 – 4 reserved for the 4 Class
                    Champions (SP, Pro, Sportsman, SB)
          iii)  No duplicates will be allowed.
          iv)  Drivers with permanents numbers, will be accommodated if possible, but these guidelines must
                    be followed.
      i)  Bracket Finals
i)  The Team of Champions will be comprised of the top 32 racers

              (1)  Nine (9) Super Pro
              (2)  Nine (9) Pro
              (3)  Nine (9) Sportsman
              (4)  Five (5) super bike.
      j)  Junior Dragster Eastern Conference Finals
          i)  The Junior Team of Champions will be comprised of the top 30 racers

              (1)  Six (6) Novice,
              (2)  Twelve (12) Intermediate
              (3)  Twelve (12) Advanced
              (4)  Each team member will received a team shirt and a FREE entry to the Eastern Conference
                     Finals at Bristol
              (5)  A 4th or 5th team could be added upon interest.  (If teams are added, each
                    team member will receive a team shirt).  Each racers must be a FLC member
              (6) Points will accrue from April 27-June 27, 2015 inclusive

ACCEL Super Series Classes
     a)  Classes:
i)  Adult:
              (1)  All Adult Classes are ¼ Mile (Track length may be changed by Event Director)

              (2)  Quick Time Super Pro (SP)
                    (a)  7:00 to 11:99
              (3)  Lakewood Pro (Pro)
                    (a)  8:00 to 13.99
                    (b)  No dragsters or altereds in Pro or Sportsman
              (4)  Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Tranportation (Spt)
                    (a)  12:00 to 19.99
                    (b)  No dragsters or altereds in Pro or Sportsman
              (5)  Wiseco / Cycle Tech Super Bike (SB)
                    (a)  7:50 to 15:99
              (6)  Hayes Stock (Stk)
                    (a)  Any Dial
                    (b)  Vehicle must be Street Legal
          ii)  Teens

              (1)  NHRA Jr Street (New 2015)
                    (a)  9:00 - Slower
                    (b)  13 - 16 Year Olds
                    (c)  Full Bodies Street Vehicles
                    (d)  Adult Co-Driver
                    (e)  1/8th Mile

          iii) Junior Dragster
(1)  Junior Dragster Classes are ran on the 1/8th Mile

              (2)  Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster Novice presented by Wiseco (JDN)
                    (a)   8-9 Yrs. old 11:90 and Slower
              (3)  Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster Intermediate presented by Wiseco (JDI)
                    (a)  10 -12 Yrs. old 8.90 and Slower
              (4)  Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster Advanced presented by Wiseco (JDA)
                    (a)  13 -18 Yrs. old 7.90 and Slower
                    (b)  Cars that do not have an NHRA JD Advanced cert are restricted to 8.90 or slower

4)  General Class Rules:
a)  General and Safety
i)  Summit Motorsports Park follows the NHRA Rulebook closely:

          ii)  Any clarifications or additions to the NHRA Rulebook are listed below.
               (1)  All other General & Race Regulations will be directly referenced from the NHRA Rulebook.
          iii)  To further enhance your racing experience, take the time to read and understand these rules
                as well as the NHRA Rulebook.
          iv)  As always, the Race Director's Interpretation of all Rules will be Final.
     b)  Double Entry Policy:
i)  One driver per vehicle during eliminations. No sharing (or changing) vehicles once eliminations

              have begun.
     c)  Time Trials:
          i)  Will be pulled from lanes in the following manner:

               (1)  Cars in lanes 1,3,5,7,9,11 will Time Trial in the Summit (left lane)
               (2)  Cars in lanes 2,4,6,8,10,12 will Time Trial in the Budweiser (right lane) 
     d)  Random Pairings:
          i)  A track official will direct cars into the staging lanes. During eliminations, they will, under the

               Official’s direction, be ordered to alternate lanes to achieve random pairings.
      e) Bye Runs:
i)  Will be chosen at random from the tower and announced over the P.A. prior to the start of

               each round.
          ii)  If an odd number of vehicles compete then that driver will receive the bye run.
      f) Laddering cars at the eight-finals (9 to 16 vehicles):
i)  Once we enter the eighth-finals (the round of 9-16 remaining vehicles), cars will be numbered and
              laddered.  Only in the event of an odd number of cars will a bye be chosen.
     g) Staging Lanes:
i)  Should a car/bike enter the staging lanes for eliminations and experience a mechanical failure he
              or she will be permitted to pull out of the lanes and have until the end of the round to complete the
              necessary repair.

     h) Ready Line:
          i)  A driver must be ready to race when at ready line.  If vehicle or driver is not ready to race head of
              staging will give 30 seconds to be in the burn out box.  At that time the starter will motion car that is
              ready to the line and a single run will be made.

     i)  Backups:
          i)  Are not permitted by any car 12.00 or slower. A backup to align your car, or avoid questionable

              track conditions, is up to the Starter's discretion but NO REHEATING TIRES!
          ii) Cars or bikes (0-11.99) are permitted "1" backup.
      j) Staging:
          i)  A reasonable amount of time will be permitted for drivers to stage.

          ii)  The time limit will be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the official starter.
          iii)  Failure to stage upon the starter’s instructions is possible grounds for disqualification.
          iv)  After proper staging and receiving the starter’s signal to go, restaging for a second time
                 is prohibited.
          v)  Any driver leaving the starting line before the start system is activated; including a driver on a
                single run will have his or her time disqualified for the run.
      k)  Junior Dragster Staging:
          i)  Crewmembers are prohibited from touching the car after it is pre-staged.

          ii)  Crewmembers touching the car once it is pre-staged will result in an immediate car
          iii)  Pullbacks in the case of over staging are not permitted.
          iv)   Tire covers may be left on past ready line.  Removal of tire covers must not slow the staging

      l)  Deep Staging:
i)  Is allowed but not guaranteed, if you are staging deep you should do it in a timely fashion.

           ii)  A “missed” deep stage by the starter is not grounds for a re-run.
      m)  Prize Money:
i)  Prize money is to be picked up by the end of each night.

            ii)  Photo Id is required
            iii)  Prize Money is available at Budweiser Guest Services (North end of Quarter Mile Clothing
      n)  Scoreboards:
           i)  Are unofficial and for your convenience.

           ii)  The tower clocks are official and will be final should a discrepancy occur.
      o)  Delay Boxes or any Delay Device:
            i)  Are allowed in Super Pro & Super Bike only. Delay Boxes are not allowed (in or on the vehicle) in

                 Pro, Sportsman, Stock or any entry-level class. The Display of engine RPM is prohibited on all
                 models.  Wiring from the Tach to the Delay Box is also prohibited. In the future, certain
                 multi-function delay boxes may be deemed illegal due to timer functions.
            ii)  Cross Talk will be utilized in Super Pro and Super Bike.
      p)  Traction Control:
           i)  Any type of traction-control device, electronic or mechanical, is prohibited. A traction-control

                 device is any unit or system that uses live data to control functions of the vehicle, such as
                 tire slip, which are not controlled by the driver. These devices are, but not limited to, timing
                 control based on wheel, driveline, or engine acceleration, braking control, throttle control,
                 tire-shake meters, vertical acceleration meters, misfire control, stutter box, relays, time
                 to location, GPS to location devices and/or rpm activated chips.
      q)  Data Recorders:
           i)  Data Recorders are permitted in Super Pro and Super Bike ONLY!

      r)  Throttle Stops & Air Throttles: 
           i)  Throttle Stops & Air Throttles are allowed in Super Pro, Super Bike only as a Starting Line

               Launch Control and not as a "Down Track" Throttle Stop. Orifice control blocks in the pneumatic
               lines are permitted as long as the throttle moves to wide open, without hesitation, upon launch of
               the vehicle.
               (1)  Are not allowed in Pro, Sportsman, Stock, or any "entry level" class.
           ii)  A fixed mechanical throttle stop, that cannot be adjusted or overridden, while the car is in motion,
                is allowed in all classes.
           iii)  Nitrous timers ARE permitted in SP, & SB. May not use any other timers to control any other
                 down track functions, in any class.
      s)  Trans Brakes, 2-Steps, Line Locks and Air / Electric Shifters:
            i)  Allowed in Super Pro, Pro, & SB only!

            ii)  Not allowed in Sportsman, Stock, or any "entry level" classes.
            iii)  Pro class, Air / Electric shifters must utilize a preset rpm-activated switch – no timers allowed.
            iv)  RPM switch adjustment must be out of drivers reach when racing.
      t)  Line Loc:
           i)  Allowed in SP, SB, Pro, Spts

              (1)  A single line-loc may be used on non-drive wheels only in Sportsman class.
      u)  Ignition:
           i)  Ignitions that have timing event recording capabilities are only allowed in Super Pro.

           ii) Ignitions used in Pro that have timing event recording capabilities must have the memory chip
                (card) removed from assembly and the ignition box must be out of the drivers reach.
           iii)  If an ignition has a built in Tattle Tale lighting system the LED light MUST work, if light is not
                 functional during a spot check, official will rule box as an electronics policy infraction.
           iv)  MSD 7761 is not legal in ANY ACCEL Performance Super Series Class.
           v)  All CAN-Bus hubs and ignition system input peripherals, leads and wires must be out of drivers
           vi)  WILLFUL VIOLATION of any "Electronics" rule has the possibility of a
                 LIFETIME SUSPENSION! Subject to final decision by Summit Motorsports Park

Pit and Grounds Information:
      a)  Pit Vehicles:
           i)  Speed limit for cars, bikes, quads, carts, etc. traveling in the pit area is 10 miles per hour.

           ii)  Pit Vehicles must be driven in a safe and responsible manner.
           iii)  Pit Vehicles MUST be driven by a licensed driver 16 years or older.
           iv)  Pit Vehicles MUST yield to race vehicles at all times.
           v)  Racers may be held accountable for the conduct of their crew, per the NHRA Rulebook.
      b)  Tent and Canopy Staking:
           i)  Staking is not permitted on the Budweiser Side of the Race Track.

           ii)  We ask for everyone’s cooperation in this manner.  Fines May be administrated.
      c)  Fires:
           i)  Budweiser Side

                (1)  Fires must be contained in an elevated fire containment system as to not harm the asphalt or
                (2)  All unconsumed combustibles must be cleaned up after event.
                (3)  No Burning of trash, wood only
           ii)  Summit Side:
                (1)  Fire rings must be used on non-asphalt surfaces.
                (2)  All unconsumed combustibles must be cleaned up after event.
                (3)  An elevated fire containment system must be used over asphalted areas.
                (4)  No Burning of trash, wood only
      d)  Saving Pit Spaces:
                (1)  Up to two (2) additional spaces may be saved
      e)  Extension Cords:
           i)  No extension cords can be ran across the roadways, nor can they be run overhead.

2015 Track Rules in a PDF format

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