Cometic Gasket Halloween Classic Week Wraps with Wondrous Racing

A week’s worth of surprises, spooks, scares and screams at the Cometic Gasket Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp wrapped up with wondrous racing on Oct. 29 at Summit Motorsports Park. 

In the Edelbrock Super Pro final at the event boasting more than 1,200 entries across-the-board, John Boes captured his first Halloween Classic win at the starting line when Adam Wirth turned on the red light. Boes stayed on the throttle regardless and ran to a 4.76 on his 4.78 dial in his Koffel's Place-powered dragster.

"I was entered in three different categories in one day so I was tired, but I was also excited," said Boes. "I've been racing at the Halloween Classic for more than 20 years, and I've come close to winning the event, but this is indeed my first Halloween Classic win, and it feels great."

The Edelbrock Pro final pitted AJ Buchanan against Wes Buckley, and Buchanan won with a lifting 6.47 on his 6.31 while Buckley, who had dialed a 5.95, ran into issues and was forced to coast down track.

Two-wheel action in Wiseco/CycleTech Super Bike saw Jason Keller rip off a 5.03 on his 5.01 dial to defeat Rick McWaters, who was no slouch with a 5.15 on his 5.13 dial. 

In Edelbrock Sportsman presented On Time by TFC Transportation, Johnnie Cook collected the win with a 7.49 on his 7.52 dial over Joe Tharp, Jr., who turned on the red light. 

In Edelbrock Stock, Adam Mallie recorded a better reaction time and a 10.92 on his 10.88 dial to defeat Nathan Schultze, who broke out with a 10.20 on his 10.26 dial. 

Thermo-Tec Top Gun saw Steve Roth sail to victory with a 4.76 on his 4.75 dial over Scott Wasko, who turned on the red.

The highly anticipated Halloween Classic Runoff featured Edelbrock Super Pro winner John Boes in his dragster and Edelbrock Pro winner A.J. Buchanan in his door car, but the battle for the coveted yet slightly creepy gremlin trophy ended at the starting line when Buchanan uncharacteristically turned on the red light and Boes won.

A special feature of this event was the Trick Flow Specialties Ultimate Performer, which put the spotlight on racers who use Trick Flow Specialties cylinder heads and/or a Trick Flow Specialties intake manifold. Making it to the final in their dragsters featuring Trick Flow Specialties components were Chris Wallin and Cody Bayus, and Wallin wheeled to the win in the double breakout race with a 4.90 on his 4.91 dial to Bayus’ 4.80 on his 4.83 dial.

In the Gordon Food Service Adult Costume Contest, Chris Conn won Most Original for his Puppy/Monkey/Baby costume, Daniel Quinn won Scariest; Tony Fagnilli, who was dressed as Michael Phelps, and Steven Davenport, who was dressed as the bikini bottom-clad Borat movie character, both won for Funniest and Hayley Holland won Sexiest in her Wonder Woman costume.

In the Thermo-Tec Children's Costume Contest presented by Kelleys Island Venture Resort, Jaxon Brobst, Axel Fiedler and Cydney Bush won first through third place respectively in Scariest Costume Ages 1-6, while in the Cutest Costume Ages 1-6 category, Arianna Hess, Kenzie Ball and Holden McConnell won first through third place respectively and in the Handmade Costume Ages 1-6 category, Kendelle and Callie Moreland, Brendan Schultze and AJ Gramlich won first through third place respectively. In the Prettiest Costume Ages 1-6 category, Sloan Vodhanel, Summer Schultze and Ryanne Bradenburg won first through third place respectively, while in the Most Original Ages 1-6 category, Zoey Keller, Chase Kull and Aubee Gramlich won first through third place respectively.

In the Scariest Costume Ages 7 and Up category, Gavin Bradenburg, Mallory Carroll and Emma Scheuer won first through third place respectively, while in the Cutest Costume Ages 7 and Up category, Abigail Baker, Kali Kimbler and Lia Drew won first through third place respectively and in the Homemade Costume Ages 7 and Up category, Lindsey Short, Megan Robie and Amelia Taggert won first through third place respectively. In the Prettiest Costume Ages 7 and Up category, Keira Kimbler, Ziva Samora and Grace Felnor won first through third place respectively while in the Most Original 7 and Up category, Amelia Stanley, Troy Blackstock and Jayden Brobst won first through third place respectively.

In the Best Decorated Rig category, the Anderson and Bennett families won first place with their House of Horrors, while Brian Cook won second place with his Haunted House and David Smith won third place with his Zombie Trailer.

For Best Decorated Area, Barbara Farmer won first place with her Cemetery with Mausoleum display, while Powell Racing won second place with its American Werewolves in Norwalk display and Adam Beverly and Bryan Workman won third place with their Haunted Funeral Home and Cemetery display.

In the R&R Auto Body Pageant of Excellence, Will Crawford won in Open Bodied, Larry Thompson won in Full Bodied and Larry Shawberry won in Pro, while Larry Strohscher won in Sportsman, Rick McWaters won in Super Bike and Randy Rush won Best Appearing Crew. 

For additional results that were posted through the week, visit Additional photos will be posted on Summit Motorsports Park's Facebook.

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