ACCEL Performance Group Super Series

It all happens on select Saturday nights at Summit Motorsports Park!  The experience of drag racing surrounding the greatest sportsmen racers on the planet. From the Super Pro drivers reaching 185 miles an hour to our entry level Sportsman and Stock classes. The Saturday ACCEL Super Series Point's Meet averages close to 500 racers on any given race.  

NEW Class starting in 2015!
The NHRA Jr. Street is for 13 to 16 year-olds who are interested in racing, who may or may not have a driver’s license.  All you need is permission from your parent or guardian, a vehicle (9 seconds or slower) and an ADULT Co-driver!  The race will be run on the 1/8th mile and your racing for a trophy.  Trophies will be awarded to winner, runner-up and semi-finalist.  The fee to race is just $15!  The Youth Racing class will compete during the adult program and will follow Hays Stock in the rotation for both time trials and eliminations.  


Quick Time Super Pro (SP): 7.00 – 11.99
Lakewood Pro (Pro): 8.00 – 13.99
Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike (SB): 7.50 – 15.99
Accel Sportsman Delivered on time by TFC Transportation (Spt):  12.00 – 19.99
Hayes Stock (Stk) - Any Dial - Street Legal

NEW NHRA Jr Street (JS) - (9:00 - Slower) Click here for details

  • 13 - 16 Years Old
  • Full-bodied street vehicle
  • Must be accompanied by an adult co-driver
  • Race will be contested on the 1/8th mile

Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster presented by Wiseco (JD)

  • Junior Dragster Novice (8-9 Yrs old) 12:90 & slower
  • Junior Dragster Intermediate (10-12 Yrs old) 8:90 & slower
  • Junior Dragster Advanced (13-18 Yrs Old)
         -  8:90 & slower - for cars that do not meet Advanced Class criteria
         -  7:90 & slower/85mph & slower - for cars that DO meet Advanced Class criteria
  • No pull-backs in any junior class.

Finish Line Club (FLC) Racers compete for the ACCEL $53,000+ Super Series Points Fund...the largest end of the year point fund in the nation!   On Saturday night points meets, drivers joining the Finish Line Club (only $65 to join!) earn a point with each round win, accumulating to the end of the season for a chance to compete for cash and prizes worth over $53,000! It all happens on select Saturday nights at Summit Motorsports Park! Look under "Programs" for the particulars on how YOU can be a part of it!

Class Champions Receive:

  • Championship Eagle! (All classes!)
  • Gold Card! (SP, Pro, Spt, & SB)
  • Championship Ring! (SP, Pro, Spt, & SB)
  • Lincoln Electric Welder (SP, Pro, Spt & SB)
    (Points are awarded to racers in SP, Pro, Spt, SB & JD)

Combine this with our Special Programs and Contingency Program for a chance to Grab a Handful of Our Stash of cash and prizes worth over $250,000!   


1st $10,000 $10,000 $600 + $900 = $1,500 $1,500
$500 $500 $500
2nd $  3,500 $  3,500 $300 + 500 = 800 $   500 $250 $250 $250
3rd $  1,700 $  1,700 $200 + 500 = 700 $   400 $125 $125 $125
4th $  1,100 $  1,100 $150 + 450 = 600 $   300 $  75 $  75 $  75
5th $  1,000 $  1,000 $100 + 400 = 500 $   200 $  50 $  50 $  50
6th $     900 $     900 $90 + 310 = 400        
7th $     800 $     800 $80 + 270 = 350        
8th $     700 $     700 $70 + 230 = 300        
9th $     600 $     600 $60 + 190 = 250        
10th $     500 $     500 $50 + 150 = 200        
TOTALS: $20,800
$20,800 $1,700 + *$3,900 = $5,600

 (*$3,900 provided by TFC Transportation)

Finish Line “Basics”Craig Adams getting his victory ice bath!

  • Each FLC Membership will have one (1) designated driver. 
  • You may earn points in more than one (1) class.  However, you must have an FLC Membership for each class you wish to earn points in. 
  • You may enter more than one (1) class at the same event.  However, you must have a separate vehicle for each class you wish to enter. 
  • The driver will earn points, not the vehicle.
  • Must have appropriate decals on race vehicle(s).
  • Points awarded to racers in SP, Pro, SB, Spt and JD.
  • Points will accumulate in the class they are earned and are NOT transferable to another class.
  • Ties will be broken by:  most feature wins, most R/U, most semi-final appearances, furthest in eliminations, number of race appearances, run-off, or flip of the coin.

Finish Line Club Benefits (Join for $65 and start enjoying these benefits!)

FLC Permanent Numbers

  • Numbers will be available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Numbers available are 1 – 9999 with the following exceptions:  #1 – 4 reserved for the 4 Class Champions (SP, Pro, Sportsman, SB)
  • No duplicates will be allowed.
  • Drivers with permanents numbers, will be accommodated if possible, but these guidelines must be followed.

Click Here to download the 2015 FLC Application

Earn the opportunity to represent Summit Motorsports Park

Racers who join the FLC are also competing to earn the right to represent Summit Motorsports Park at the NHRA Summit Racing Series North Central Division Finals to be hOwen Hoover wins the 15 year old division at the Eastern Conference Finals!eld at Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, IN September 18-20, 2015, or the Junior Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals to be held at Bristol, TN July 23-25, 2015. 

The Team of Champions will be comprised of the top 32 racers – Nine (9) Super Pro, nine (9) Pro and nine (9) Sportsman and five (5) super bike.  No double entries!  Each team member will receive a jacket, hat, shirt and a FREE car & driver entry!  Points earned from April 25 through August 22 will count towards making the team.

The Junior Team of Champions will be comprised of the top 30 racers – Six (6) Novice, twelve (12) Intermediate and twelve (12) Advanced.  Each team member will received a team shirt and a FREE car & driver entry! Points earned from April 25 through June 27th will count towards making one of the first three teams.

Note:  a fourth and/or possible fifth team will be assembled based upon interest level.  Each team member will receive a team shirt.

Special Race Day Only Programs:

ACCEL Winner Jacket Program:  Win an ACCEL Champion's Jacket when you win your class for the first time at any ACCEL Super Series Race!  (Jackets are limited to one per year).

Delivered On Time by TFC Transportation Bonus
Racers in Lakewood Pro and Accel Sportsman Delivered on time by TFC Transportation can Win $500 (OR MORE) Cash Bonus!

The TFC Transportation “Delivered on Time” Bonus program just got even sweeter for racers in ACCEL Sportsman and Lakewood Pro.  The minimum amount a driver can win at any given time for having a “Perfect Run” will always be $500!  And the losing driver goes home with $100 cash in his wallet as a consolation prize!  A perfect run is defined as having a perfect reaction time (0.000) then finishing the race by running ‘Dead-On’ his/her dial-in with a zero. 

The purse will start at $500 and will remain that amount for the first five races (April 25th through May 30th).  Beginning with the 6th points race of the season (June 27th), the bonus will increase by $100 each week through the end of the season (6th race = $600, 7th race = $700, etc.).  When a racer does capture that “Perfect Run Money”, TFC will add $400 to the next race so the minimum balance will always be $500.  As usual, any money not awarded will be added to the final points fund for both classes.


NHRA Junior Dragster Challenge - May 30, 2015
Each class winner will receive an NHRA Wally.

Summit Racing Equipment NHRA "King-Of-The-Track" - June 27, 2015
Class winners in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Super Bike will run-off for the title of Summit Racing Equipment NHRA "King-Of-The-Track".  Overall winner will receive an NHRA Wally and hat! 

NHRA National Dragster Challenge - August 15 - 16, 2015
Each class winners will receive an NHRA Wally at Night Under Fire!


2015 ACCEL Super Series Schedule
April 25    
With Juniors
May 2
With Juniors
May 9
With Juniors
May 23 With Juniors
May 30 Thermo-Tec Kid's Night, Featuring Jr Dragster Challenge,
With Juniors
June 27 Mid Season Championship, featuring
Summit Racing Equipment NHRA King of the Track, With Juniors
July 25 No Juniors
Aug 15- 16 
Kelly Services Inc Night Under Fire & featuring the
National Dragster Challenge, No Juniors
Aug 22 with Juniors
Sept 26 Season Championship, With Juniors

Adult     $15
Child (6-12)     $ 5
Quick Time Super Pro, Lakewood ProWiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike Car & Driver      $35
Accel Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation
Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster Car & Driver $25
Hays Stock & NHRA Jr Street Car & Driver $15

Gates Open                                                                                            
  8:00 am
JD Time Trials   8:30 am
JD Eliminations 10:00 am
SP/SB/P/Spt/Stk/JS Time Trials 12:00 pm
SP/SB/P/Spt/Stk/JS Eliminations                                                               
  6:00 pm

Summit Motorsports Park - 1300 State Route 18, Norwalk OH 44857

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