Lakewood Pro

If you love the power and mighty sound of a doorslamming, no electrics necessary machine, Lakewood ProWes Buckley 2013 Lakewood Pro Champion is your complete racing experience. Whether you love the torque grinding launch, or the smooth finish,Lakewood Pro at Summit Motorsports Park invites you to catch a rare glimpse of the finest side by side drag racing in the country with men and women just like you and me!

Summit Motorsports Park is generous in its payouts, giving back round money, and cash to all who qualify in their finish!

Winner + Contingency!        $1,100
Runner-Up $   500
Semi's $   125
Quarter's $     75
1st Round Win $      5
Other Round Wins $    10

Delivered on time by TFC Transportation Bonus:
TFC Transportation 
will pay a one hundred dollar ($100) cash bonus the first time a driver in Lakewood Pro completes a 'Perfect' Run (R/T=.000+'Dead-On' with a zero E.T.) during each ACCEL Performance Group SuperSeries event.  Each week the bonus is not paid it will roll forward to the next ACCEL Performance Group Super Series event and grow by $100.  Should the money not be paid in a given year, the monies will automatically be added to the annual year end point fund! ACCEL Performance Group $53,000+ up for grabs for Finish Line Club Members!  Join now and earn points towards one of the the largest year end sportsman points funds in existence.  For more information, fees and racing schedule click here.


  • Time break:  8:00 - 13.99
  • Door Cars only
  • No Boxes
  • No Computers
  • Throttle Stops & Air Throttles are not permitted
  • Trans Brakes, 2-steps, Line Locks and Air/Electric Shifters are permitted;However the air/electric shifter must utilize an RPM-Activated switch - NO TIMERS ALLOWED.  RPM switch adjustment must be out of drivers reach when racing.

 Questions or comments contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (419) 668-5555.

Lakewood Pro Point Standings September 20 2014


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