Shake, rattle and roll!

Edison Elementary students relay and rumble with cups.

NORWALK, Ohio -- Large plastic soft drink cups donated by Summit Motorsports Park to elementary schools in the Edison School District in Milan, Ohio say, “Need for Speed.”

The teachers and hundreds of students applied the message where shoe rubber meets the gym floor in creative cup-stacking relays.First graders tame the stacks in style.

Then 112 first graders added soup beans to two cups, taped them together to create maracas, and filled a holiday show with race track worthy rumble while singing “Feliz Navidad” for 500 parents and grandparents.

Denise Reilly, band director at Edison high school and music teacher at Milan elementary school, said the cups helped students to shine on many levels.

Also, the local cup stacking efforts of about 500 students combined with others in 30 countries for a total of 483,658 stackers for a Guinness Book World Record of “Most People Sport Stacking in Multiple Locations in One Day.”

Jill Fox, from the World Sport Stacking Association, said a record of 412,259 people was set in 2011. Find out more at

The stacking effort began November 15, 2012 with a food drive to help needy families in the Milan and Berlin Heights area, said Rebecca Parcher, physical education teacher at Edison School District.

After students stacked cans of food into six grocery carts, kids finessed cups into 3-3-3 stacks and 10 stacks, and raced.

Cruising through. Provided photos

The fastest students in each homeroom received as a prize a stack of 10 cups to take home.

Then at Christmas time the children played “Reindeer Games” with the cups, Rebecca Parcher said.

Divided into relay teams, each team built a 21-cup Christmas tree.

Relay variations included:

  • Riding scooters to the row of Christmas trees, around them and back to the team.
  • Rolling hula hoops to the cup trees then placing a hoop over a tree without knocking it down. 
  • Ringing hand bells while running around cup trees.
  • Tearing down the cup trees one cup at a time in a relay, said Rebecca Parcher.

Edison schools also gifted Kathy Yaussey, elementary physical education teacher at Western Reserve local schools in Collins, Ohio, with 600 cups, Rebecca Parcher said.

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