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We’re celebrating our 50th Anniversary at the Auto Plus Night Under Fire on August 10, 2013

NORWALK, Ohio -- When others turn up the nitrous to multiply power and excitement, Bill Bader Jr. piles on the talent!Dan Runte's

Especially for our Golden Anniversary Celebration at the 36th Annual Auto Plus Night Under Fire on August 10, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, President Bill Bader Jr. loaded the entertainment!

Are you ready for this?

The Bader Family Signature Fireworks always cap a show with ageless delight, inviting all to relax, pull loved ones close and enjoy the view.

But 2013 presents no ordinary season. The Golden Anniversary Celebration ramps up the fireworks so this truly will be a Night Under Fire.

Of course Bill Bader Jr. invited to the party the legendary Bob Motz with his flame-throwing 200 mph Jet Kenworth; and the incomparable Larry “Spiderman” McBride piloting his Top Fuel motorcycle.

Then Bill beaconed four Jet Dragsters with their sizzling roar:Ernie Bogue, pilot of the Beast from the East Jet Dragster, loves kids

  • Jill Canuso and the Queen of Diamonds
  • Elaine Larsen and the Miller Welding Jet Dragster
  • Ernie Bogue and the Beast from the East
  •  Lou Pereira and the Terminator

Also, so many people fell in love with Funny Cars, how could Bill Bader Jr. resist? The four-Funny-Car showdown includes veteran drivers, 15-time World Champion John Force and his son-in-law Robert Hight, and two young bucks, Chad Head and Blake Alexander.

Then Ron Hope changes up the mix with a sweet baby of a Fuel Altered.

Meanwhile Columbus, Ohio businessman and Top Fuel Funny Car racer Jim Head, Chad’s father, lines up in a different breed of Funny Car.

You say these magnificent machines need some brutish heft to round out the show?

You’ve got it!

Bill Bader Jr. hailed two Monster Trucks: Dan Runte and the Summit Racing “Bigfoot;” and Randy Moore in the “War Wizard.”Blake Alexander hopes to upset 15-time Funny Car World Champion John Force. NHRA photo

How’s that for brutish heft?

Many of you know Bill Bader Jr. loves to throw a huge party.

As hot as this talent lineup sizzles for the 36th Annual Auto Plus Night Under Fire, expect a backdraft in the coming weeks. It’s not done yet!

We recommend buying tickets and lodging in advance for obvious reasons, namely Force, Hight, Motz, McBride, Runte, Canuso, Bogue, Larsen, Pereira, Head, Alexander, Hope, Head, Moore…

Call Summit Motorsports Park at 419-668-5555, or buy tickets on the Web at


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