Junior Dragsters: Ask friends to come out.

NORWALK, Ohio – Drivers in Bear Motorsports Junior Dragsters Jaeden Durst.
presented by Wiseco, you can throw a racing party on April 27, 2013 at the Funny Car Fox Hunt at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio!

All girls get in free. That includes moms, sisters, grandmas, friends, teachers, bus drivers, favorite neighbors.

It’s easy to create an event or group on Facebook.com, and invite all of your friends. If their moms come, they could help your mom while you race.

Boys younger than age six get in free, too. Boys ages six to 12 pay $5; Men, $15.

Yes, girl racers still pay the car and driver fee.

But at this event, a whole bunch of friends get in free.
Have they ever seen you race?

Later you’ll want to remember this party and share photos on Facebook.com, so make sure someone brings cameras and video recorders.
Trinity Marshall.
Do you have any good cooks in the family? Throw together a tailgating party in the parking lot, or in your racing pit. Now that’s a hospitality tent.

Junior Dragsters speed down the track in the morning. So if you’re shy and don’t want to race in front of your friends, but you want to be with them at the track, then invite them for afternoon. The event continues into the evening and ends with fireworks!

You remember Jill Canuso, the little lady who drives a Hanna Motorsports Jet Dragster at 300 mph. At the Funny Car Fox Hunt, Jill Canuso races the original Queen of Diamonds for the last time, said Al Hanna, owner of Hanna Motorsports.

Since the design of the Queen of Diamonds II is so radical, work at the chassis shop took longer than expected, Al Hanna said.

But you can ask Jill Canuso what it feels like to know you will test and drive an auto invention. And you can ask her boss, racing legend Al Hanna, about progress in building the Queen of Diamonds II.
The Queen of Diamonds II.
Your friends will want their autographs, so bring Sharpie pens.

Also, we’re racing at least four old-style Funny Cars from 1980 and earlier.

That’s different. We don’t usually see Funny Cars on Saturdays during the Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series or Bear Motorsports Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco. But we couldn't have a Funny Car Fox Hunt without them.
Ready for snacks.
Since the Funny Car Fox Hunt is on April 27, 2013 in northern Ohio, remind your friends to bring layers of extra warm clothes and a stadium blanket or two. Lake Erie keeps spring temperatures colder here.

One more thing: All the best kids come to Summit Motorsports Park. We missed you over the winter! We can’t wait to see you show your stuff.

The Funny Car Fox Hunt is so much fun because you’ll be there!
Kalob Smith.

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