What a Mr. Gasket coincidence!

Double breakouts launched eliminations and quirky double match ups sparked final rounds.

NORWALK, Ohio – Numbers Brian Weinkamer and Double Trouble.crunchers could go crazy over the racing stat sheets from the Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series on June 8, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

One round of Mallory Super Pro logged 18 red lights and 13 double breakouts. Seemed like we had a bunch of tree-torching, heads up, outlaw renegades trying the track for Shakedown.

Naw, they were mostly dragsters.

Anyway, they battled brutally until the Mallory Super Pro final round lined up two dragsters in their first Norwalk final rounds.

Dominic Locilento Jr., Sunbury, Ohio piloted his 2012 M&M dragster to his first victory on a hole shot over Tabitha Gittins, Akron,
in a 2002 Worthy dragster.

In the semi finals, Tabitha Gittins stopped a father-son final by edging out Dominic Locilento Sr. at both ends of the track.

Dominic Locilento Jr., an accounting, management and marketing student at the University of Cincinnati,  turned 22 a week ago.

Janine Cummings and Don Williams Jr.As badly as Tabitha Gittins wanted her first win, Dominic wanted a Locilento-Locilento final round.

“My dad was winning, too, so I was trying to keep up with him,” Dominic Locilento Jr. said, adding his racing experience reaches back to age eight and Junior Dragster competitions in New Jersey.

At age 16 Dominic Locilento Jr. switched to a big dragster.

“This is my third one,” Dominic Locilento Jr. said, “and my first win.”

In Mr. Gasket Pro a red light gift decided a match between a 1991 Mustang of A.J. Buchanan, Vickery, Ohio and a 1965 Mustang of Shelby Mangas, Livonia, Mich.

Flanked by friends in the winner's circle, A.J. Buchanan said he just got lucky.

“It's pretty much the same car,” A.J. Buchanan said, adding the muscle's from a 466 cu. in. big block Ford engine. “I've been making minor changes, baby steps. It's definitely a better car when it's cold out.”

A breakout by 0.007 seconds decided a tight final round of Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike. Gary Godwin, Maumee, Ohio bagged the win over Rick Poole, Akron, Ohio.

Gary Godwin chose an unorthodox method of winning rounds at 156 mph on a 1300 cc Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle.

“Being relaxed. I was relaxed today,” Gary Randy King's Suzuki sasses with color.Godwin said. “At the Super 64 I really had the desire to win. I felt like the win was mine. But today I was relaxed. I just trusted in the bike.

“I knew it was a good performing bike, so I knew I had to step my performance up as a driver,” said Gary Godwin, 60, an auto mechanic for 38 years at Brondes Ford, Maumee, Ohio.

In 1977 Gary Godwin started racing motorcycles, he said.

“I took 25 years off to be with my kids,” Gary Godwin said. “I coached softball for high school while my four girls were in it. I just came back to racing three years ago.”

With the girls following their own dreams now, Gary Godwin looked for something to fill a void left from coaching.

“My wife, Cindy, said, 'Why don't you get a bike?' I said, 'Are you kidding me? That's like asking a cocaine addict to go get cocaine,'” Gary Godwin said. “I love competition.”

Fearing the worst, Cindy Godwin won't watch, so Jason Siek, Toledo, serves as pit crew, Gary Godwin said.

In Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation, Geoff Case, Wapakoneta, Ohio accepted his first win on a breakout by Gary Hurst, Norwalk, Ohio in a Malibu-Malibu final round.

“It was my second final round,” said Geoff Case, 23, a mechanical engineer at Ground Equipment Corp., Celina, Ohio. “Last time was in my dad's Blazer, and that blew up before the round. This is the second year in this car, a '79 Malibu. It's got a 357 small block Chevy.”

Geoff Case started racing at age 16. Details made the difference in this contest.

“Better reaction time than Gary Hurst going rounds into the night.everybody else, luckily,” Geoff Case said. “Right place in line at the right time.”

In Lakewood Stock, a 2010 Cobalt of Scott Chitty, Uniontown, Ohio sliced a little bit off at both ends of the track to best Austin Poole, Mansfield, Ohio, on a 1980 400 motorcycle.

With his runner-up finish, Austin Poole joined his father, Rick Poole, and Rick's girlfriend, Tabitha Gittins, for a runner-up trio on the same night.

In Bear Motorsports Advanced Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco, two young men from Vermilion, Ohio tooled the track in identical elapsed times.

The winning difference of 0.011 seconds showed up at the tree,
with Matt Dadas claiming the prize on a 0.054-second reaction time compared with .065 seconds for Connor Grisez.

In Bear Motorsports Intermediate Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco, the final round strain lifted Jacob Oiler, Plain City, Ohio to victory when the race car of Daniel Findley, Lorain, Ohio broke.

A double breakout spiced the final-round rookie-duo efforts of Bear Motorsports Novice Junior Dragsters presented by Wiseco.

Allyson Downs, Mansfield, Ohio cruised across the stripStaging.e closer to her dial in and collected the nod over Ava Lawson, Sandusky, Ohio.

For RACE RESULTS from the Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series on June 8, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, click on: Double the fun!

The three teams chosen to compete in the National Hot Rod Association Jr. Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol, Tenn. have some proving to do. Who's tough enough to bring the championship trophy home? Will they wear out their practice trees trying to win?

The Red Team: Simone Walker, Zachary Etzel, Courtney Grisez, Aubrey Collins, Derrick Wolfe, Kalob Smith, Scott Chitty, Dylan Northup, Frank McCullough, Thomas Summers.

The White Team: Allyson Downs, Justin Saporito, Zac Gill, Sadie Anderson, Jacob Oiler, Zachary Manuel, Schuyler Turner, Annie Kordeleski, Owen Hoover, Alex Nardi.

The Blue Team: Alexa Hurst, Joshua Keller, Kyle Beno, Davin Pollard, Daniel Findley, Valerie Bennett, Nina Jacob, Jaedan Durst, Brandon Bennett, Heather Saalman.

Found in the staging lanes answering a call to Mallory Super Pro, a 2002 Cougar with a sharp paint job and a Ford 632 cu. in. motor couldn't help living up to its name: Roarin' Thunder.

“We've been around here for a long time,” said Chris Weinkamer, a mechanical engineer and general manager at Enterprise Welding, a fabricating company in Mentor, Ohio. “I've been racing for 40 years.”

The Weinkamer family of racers includes Chris's son, Brian, 31, who drives a father-son Double Trouble dragster, and brother, Bill, pilot of a 57 Thunderbird roadster.

Built three years ago, the Roarin' Thunder Cougar cruises a quarter mileManaging psi. in about 7.67 seconds, Chris Weinkamer said.

The Double Trouble dragster, painted by Larry Dumire to match the Roarin' Thunder, includes an automotive portrait of Chris's previous race car.

“We used to run a car called the Thunder Boss,” Chris Weinkamer said, referring to a Thunderbird built in 1986. “It got wrecked out here several years ago. We ran it about 23 years.”

Looking over staging lanes full of gorgeous dragsters and track-munching door cars, Chris Weinkamer knows exactly why he enters the mix.

“I like the mechanical challenge, and I like the competition,” Chris Weinkamer said. “And I like to go fast.”

A white 1977 Good Grief Vega with wedges of bright color shows the handiwork of Don Williams Sr., Brook Park, Ohio.

“I've had this car for 18 years,” Don Williams Sr. said. “I built the car.. It's chopped way down. It's got a 355 engine.”

Logging 9.06 seconds as the best quarter mile this year in the Good Grief Vega, Don Williams Sr.  keeps his options open for the Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit presented by Mickey Thompson Performance October 4-6, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park.

“I've been racing 50 years,” Don Williams Sr. said. “My first race car was a '57 Chevy. It was Good Grief. They have always been Good Grief.”

Don Williams Sr. stages with 50 years of Good Grief.

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