Duster wins Sumday No Box Bonanza!

Mike Klein carts the Norwalk trophy home to Michigan.Mike Klein's Winner's Circle interview.

NORWALK, Ohio –  A Chrysler quality inspector from Michigan won the $5,000 prize and the Norwalk trophy in the Sunday race of the No Box Bonanza June 21-23, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Mike Klein, Fraser, Mich., tooled his 1972 Tube Chassis Plymouth Duster to the 140 mph victory.

“I've had this car about five years,” Mike Klein said. “Dan Sawicki built the engine and the chassis. You won't find a better engine and chassis man out there, in my opinion.

“And I would like to thank my wife, Laura Popour, for supporting me,” Mike Klein said. “She's an incredible woman, incredible.”

After a day of hearty smokey burnouts from sweet racing vehicles from Canada and the United States, the final round staged Mike Klein against track champion Brian Cireddu in a sharp 1967 Camaro.
They decided the big money at Mike Klein's icy splash!the tree. Brian Cireddu tripped the light red by -0.002 seconds.

Mike Klein launched his nine-second Duster into a victory romp down the track at 140 mph.

“Thank you everyone,” said Mike Klein, a 15-year racing veteran. “This track is wonderful. It really is. I love this place.”

Two-time track champion Brian Cireddu, a computer programmer from Brunswick, Ohio said he's won 200 rounds in his 1967 Camaro this year, if not more.

“I'll try to make as many money races as I can,” Brian Cireddu said, “as well as the points races.”

Mike Klein said his racing reason is simple.

“Because I love it.”

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David Keller and Brian Cireddu spinning in the water box.

Brian Cireddu with his No Box Bonanza trophy.

Brian Cireddu readies for the race.


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