Blue Suede Cruise bops to Jay and The Americans.

Largest Blue Suede Cruise Car Show ever!Jay and The Americans.

NORWALK, Ohio – A lively crowd in the Summit grandstands tapped toes, bobbed heads and sang along with Jay and The Americans at the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise on Saturday evening at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Howie Kane, Jay Reincke, Marty Sanders, and Sandy Deanne crooned tunes they wrote and performed 40 and 50 years ago, just right for the nostalgia theme of the event June 20, 2013, where the vehicle styles ranged from 1972 and earlier.

“You know those old cars driving around over there?” Sandy Deanne asked. “We drove those when they were new.”

Opening with “Only In America,” Jay and The Americans included songs popularized by Roy Orbison, such as “Pretty Woman” and “Crying Over You.”

Songs from another century.With a duet by Sandy Deanne and Marty Sanders, “Let it be Me,” a woman said, “They're playing our song.”

The couple got up from their folding chairs and danced in front of the stage. She cried on his shoulder.

Then applause erupted with the first words of “Cara Mia.”

Fans sang along with lyrics to tunes such as, “Be my, be my Baby,” “Some Enchanted Evening,” and Jay and The Americans' largest selling hit, “This Magic Moment.”

After the concert, a neon parade and flame throwing contest lead into Bader Family Signature Fireworks.

“It was great,” said Kim Todd, Collins, Ohio. “The fireworks were great.”

“My whole family is here,” said local racer Terry Kettle. “We're having a great time. We brought two cars with us, a '65 Mustang and a '71 Nova SS. We brought my cousin, Angie, to her first drag race. She loved it.”

Dennis Chalupa, Broadview Heights, Ohio, watched the show with his son, Patrick Chalupa.

“Patrick just turned 18 yesterday, and where did he want to come? Here,” Dennis Chalupa said, adding Patrick owns a Chevy Cobalt with a turbocharger, and a bossy Chevy Camaro which chased Dad out of the garage.

“I have an old Porsche I'm trying to get up to Cleveland to build,” Dennis Chalupa said. “It's in Columbus now. I just want to get it running without too much trouble.”

Patrick Chalupa said he enjoyed the show.

“I like it. I like the older cars,” Patrick Chalupa said. “I don't know any of the music, but everyone else seems to be having a good time.

“The only reason I got started with cars is one year they brought me here, and took me down the track,” said Patrick Chalupa, a mechanical engineering student at Akron University. “I've been with it ever since.”

Vicki Burnette, Elyria, Ohio said she loved the fireworks.

“You guys always have awesome fireworks,” Vicki Burnette said, adding she preferred less talking and more music during the concert portion. The children with them danced and posed for pictures. “We're here with about 20 people in our group, and it's all family.”

The Burnette family attends the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise, the Halloween Classics, Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals and Auto Plus Night Under Fire presented by Kelly Services in August, Vicki Burnette said. Next year they hope to race a 1969 Mustang they bought recently.

Mike Kukich, Brook Park, Ohio, enjoyed the entertainment.

“I liked it,” Mike Kukich said. “Best one I have seen in a long time. They put on a good show. I really enjoyed it.”

Mike Kukich owns a 1974 Monte Carlo.

“It's triple black: Interior, outside, and vinyl top,” Mike Kukich said, adding he's attended every Blue Suede Cruise.

“I used to race here when it opened,” Mike Kukich said. “My daughter grew up here. Cheryl Kukich, Decatur, Ill. She runs a 1969 GTO. She built it.”

In the afternoon between racing and fun runs, visitors browsed the Summit side displays.

The variety and friendliness in the Women's World tent rivaled those qualities in the Car Show and racing pits, ranging from stained glass art, fruit smoothies, designer clothing and bags, and wine tasting, to furniture, birdhouses, honey, doggie bandanas, and gourmet organic tea and baked goods.

In the Wanda coloring contest, Wanda offered children a choice of five or six designs to color, and gave the children Wanda coloring books to take home.

Lindsey, 3, and Ethan, 5, colored at a table with their mom, Erin Webb, North Fairfield, Ohio, nearby.

Including her husband, Billy Webb, the family attended the last five Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise events.

“We have a 1956 Ford pickup, flat black,” Erin Webb said. “We do the fun runs and the show. We've been married nine years, and he had it before that. It was his grandpa's. He got it from his grandpa.

“Before we had kids, he used to race his regular pickup on Wednesday Fun Night,” Erin Webb said.

Wanda E-Rod green truck from the Lingenfelter collection.In the Wanda demonstration tent, a Lingenfelter 1955 E-Rod truck, painted Wanda E-Rod green, emerged from a concept to deliver high fuel efficiency with a classic look.

During the Wanda demonstration, Jeff Evans, Wanda technical manager, showed each step of the Wanda Refinish System on fenders, and recommended if a car stays outside rather than in a garage, then apply clear coat on top to protect the color from the sun.

Also to remove little bits of dirt on top of a finish, detail with a clay rub, Jeff Evans said. “That clay does wonders. I would use the bar. That's the best way.”

Wanda said she sprayed some hoods using the Wanda Finish System at the Wanda Training Center in Detroit, and it was easy.

Jeff Evans said Wanda did a great job on her hood finishes, adding about 150,000 colors are available from Wanda.

While visitors asked questions, Wanda handed out free gifts such as Wanda shirts and stress balls, and a CD from Adam's Premium Car Care. Through a drawing, a couple won an Adams Premium Car Care kit. Adam's Premium Car Care also offers instruction videos on You Tube.

On the race track, qualifying runs introduced folks to the stars of a four-car shootout of historic BB Funny Cars: Dazed and Confused, driven by Jerry Streb, 1969 Camaro; Total Insanity, Chris Massarella, 1977 Monza; Blue Thunder, Monty Stotz, 1969 Camaro; and Shyster, Nick Tilley, a Corvette.

The four Funny Cars race with the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit, on the Web at

Because of Flaming River fun runs, not knowing what cruises the track next stacks the fun of the Wanda AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise.

In the Manufacturers' Midway, local racers Nick Akoury and Scott Allen acquired sponsorships because of a company's need to add retail visibility of their products.

“We're the best kept secret in the country,” said Rodney Chiodo, marketing consultant for Muscle Products Corp. “We've been around since 1986. We were one of the original additive companies. We're all USA made – everything from packaging to lids to products – and we take pride in that.”

Until recently, Muscle Products Corp. sold lubricants mostly to industrial companies, Rodney Chiodo said.

Using a friction brake machine with Timken and Falex bearings, Rodney Chiodo added oil to a reservoir, pulled a handle, and stopped the turning of the machine at about 40 pounds of pressure.

But after adding a small amount of MT-10 Metal Treatment, which treats the metal rather than the oil, the friction brake machine didn't stop, regardless of the pressure. He was hanging on the handle.

A color leaflet lists sixteen distinct additives and lubricants with a wide array of uses.

“The FT-10 Fuel Treatment is one of our better products,” Rodney Chiodo said. “It's a phenomenal product that results in fuel savings.”

For information about Muscle Products Corp., 752 Kilgore Road, Jackson Center, Pa. 16133, and their many lubricants and fuel treatments, click on: Muscle Products secret sauce! Or find them on

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