Hearty welcome for Ram Jam Sportsplex van.

Buschur Racing DSM and EVO Shootout embraced variety with Sport Compacts.

NORWALK, Ohio – A name matters at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

At the 21st Annual Buschur Racing DSM and EVO Shootout on August 18, 2013 cheers and applause broke out when a Ram Jam Sportsplex van invaded the world of Sport Compacts and pulled its lumbering diesel self up to the starting line during time trials.

The Ram Jam Sportsplex, Lorain, Ohio, offers an indoor track for motorcross, supercross and arenacross racing, along with parts and mechanical repairs.

As the Ram Jam van roared off the launch and waved billows of thick black diesel smoke onto young people lined up along the dragstrip wall, it reaped more hearty cheers and applause.

Enlivened, the crowd also appreciated a 14.862-second elapsed time at 93 mph.

Perhaps a more personal connection made the difference. A member of the Ram Jam family attracted a crowd in the staging lanes, too.

Jesse Moore, 21, Elyria, Ohio, a professional dirt bike racer whose family owns Ram Jam Sportsplex, showed up with a unique pit pet, a 16-month-old, perpetual motion monkey, Louie.

“I've had him since he was 20 days old,” Jesse Moore said. “They're really good if you know how to handle them. I handle quite a few. I used to breed them. The others are for other people. It's like having a two-year-old ADHD kid.”

While Jesse Moore talked, the small monkey leaped toward people, grabbed a camera, held a finger of girl after girl, and stroked a man's long, bushy gray beard.

“He loves beards,” Jesse Moore said. “He travels with me everywhere I go. He goes to all my races. He loves it.”

By the age of eight, Louie reaches maturity in a 40-year life span.

“I train exotic animals,” Jesse Moore said. “We do birthday parties, and pictures with people.”

For lessons on riding dirt bikes, or for an appearance of Jesse Moore and Louie, call 440-986-1386.

We must say, Louie ranks as one of the more unusual pit pets at Summit Motorsports Park. A parrot sat on Billy Gliddon's shoulder during a Winners' Circle at the 2012 ADRL event. And many varieties of dogs – and some cats – visit the Park. Now we have Louie the wrench monkey.

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