NMCA Racers Shoot the Moon at Norwalk

The 7th annual JE Pistons NMCA Flowmaster Muscle Car Nationals have come to a close; mark it down in the books as a memorable one. Sunshine and cool air aside, there are a couple of more important words come to mind that sum up the weekend: track-prep and broken records. The weekend’s qualifying and elimination rounds saw a whopping five records broken, two of which were reset twice over during competition. Not only were the diehard racers and crews of the NMCA pushing their cars to new heights against thWayne Barbaree wins Stainless Works Street Outlawe official and unofficial ledgers, they also laid down some of the narrowest final round victories in NMCA history. The neck-and-neck, won-by-a-nose finishes were a true reminder to fans and racers alike of what makes heads-up drag racing such a nail-bitingly-exciting sport to watch. As the series rolls out of the awesome Summit Motorsports Park facility in Norwalk Ohio, there is but one race left on the event roster. Where did the year go?

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