The tradition of the Sunshine Flag

Did you see our Sunshine Flags flying high above race control during the week of the Quick Fuel Technology Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp?  Do you know why they fly only during the Halloween Classic?The sunshine flag, flies during the Halloween Classic

The original ‘sunshine flag' was created after experiencing a horrible snowstorm during Halloween Classic XXBill Sr. was forced to post pone the event and move it back to the following weekend. Between the weekends, Patricia Varner, a racer's wife, came up with the idea to create the 'sunshine flag'.   She brought this flag the following weekend and had asked Bill Sr. to fly it above race control as a constant reminder that for the sun to shine, maybe we all just need to believe!  

The flag has flown at every Halloween Classic since 1993.  The last several years, the flag has really taken a beating due to the high winds and the flag was returned to Varner for some badly needed repairs.  When Mrs. Varner returned not only was the sunshine flag restored looking like new once again, but also she had created a new one honoring the event’s 40th Anniversary.  

Going forward the tradition to fly both flags above race control during the Halloween Classic will continue.  Mother Nature can do her best in trying to ruin our fun, but as long as those flags are flying…the event will go on!

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