Current Track Champions

Current Track Champions
Allen Moore motored to a 2016 Track ChampionshipAllen Moore, 2016 Super Pro Champion

If you ask Allen Moore how he felt when he climbed into a junior dragster as a child, he’ll tell you that he was “immediately comfortable,” and if you ask him how he felt when he climbed into a full size dragster as a young man, he’ll — again — tell you that he was “immediately comfortable.”

He sees that as a sign that the cockpit of a dragster is where he wants to be and where he should be, and apparently, he’s right, as he immediately began going rounds and earned his first win at Summit Motorsports Park in 2013.

His exact words right after that accomplishment, some may remember, were actually “Holy crap! I just won at Norwalk!”

It was, he said, a reason to relish as well as a reason to be relieved, considering how tough his fellow competitors were, and how they could win here, win there and win everywhere.

At that point knowing that he could, too, he began going into each race with extra enthusiasm and extra energy, and told himself that he would take it round by round.

And in the process, he told himself that win or lose, he has come a long way.

Indeed he has.

Allen, a student at Akron CNC Training Center, and a skilled bowler, went more rounds in 2016 than he ever has, and with him every step of the way were his dad, Mike, and his mom, Laura.

Mike O'Rourke, Sr. Sails to a Pro Championship

It may have been riddled with rust and it may have been what he referred to as a hooptie, but when Mike O’Rourke saw the 1978 Firebird for sale in 1993, he wanted it.

So, he paid the $1,800 asking price, fired up the big-block Chevy engine under the hood and hit the street.

By the following year, he wanted to hit the strip, too, and whether that engine was just tired or Mike asked too much of it too soon, he hurt it the second time out.

He promptly replaced it with another big-block Chevy engine, though, and took the car — various-colored panels and all — back to the track.

Racking up round wins by the year 2000 and wanting the car to look good for when he earned a trip to the winner’s circle, he had it painted primer black, and a few years later, he had it painted the bright and beautiful GM Torch Red that it is now.

After joining Summit Motorsports Park’s points program in 2015, he finished twenty-fifth, and wanting to wind up closer to the top, he came out of the gate running in 2016.

He was going round after round — or, as he puts it, “letting go of the button, driving the stripe and getting lucky” — but of great meaning to him was lining up alongside his son, Mikey, for a semifinal, and of even greater meaning to him was the fact that Mikey won.

That speaks volumes about the Redford Township, Michigan resident who drives a gravel hauler for a living and likens racing to playing chess at 140 mph.

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