Meet some of the "Cavalcade of Stars"

Full fields of Top Alcohol Dragsters and Funny Cars are expected for the upcoming 8th Annual Mickey Mart Rewards "Cavalcade of Stars" presented by Budweiser.Fans will have the opportunity this weekend to get up close and personal with the future "Stars of Tomorrow" by having access into the pit areas to watch racers prepare for qualifying and eliminations.  Get to know some of the competitors that will be here this weekend.

Driver: Jackie Fricke

Car: JC Auto Glass/Accelerated Travel A/Fuel Dragster
Age: 39
Hometown: Flemington, NJ
Occupation: Travel agent
Family: Husband - Shawn
Accomplishments: 2x IHRA national event winner, $10k & $5k bracket race wins, 2x Lucas Oil Series runner-up in A/FD
First race car: '32 Bantam Roadster
Favorite movies: Big Daddy and The Hangover
Favorite music: Country
Favorite TV shows: NHRA Sportsman show
Favorite sports teams: Philadelphia Eagles
When I'm away from the racetrack I: spend time with my nieces and nephews, often racing.
Favorite racing memory: Racing my teammate, John Finke, in the final of the Lebanon Valley regional race.
Top accomplishment in racing: $10k bracket race win at Atco
Toughest opponent: Arthur Gallant. My family still teases me because he beat me so many times.
Favorite opponent: My teammate, John Finke
Favorite drivers outside TAD: My dad, Taylor and Tori Iacono, Chase and Cory Ream
Personal heroes: Shawn Fricke
I race because: of the competition; I love a challenge.
I race TAD because: I dreamed about doing it since I was 7 years old.
Pre-race rituals or superstitions: Left glove goes on first
Nobody knows that I: sing funny songs when I'm in my race car.
If I didn't race I would: drive my family crazy.

Driver: Brandon Booher

Car: AB Construction Top Alcohol Dragster
Age: 31
Hometown: Champaign, Ill.
Occupation: Owner/tuning consultant, Torque MGMT
Family: Wife – Shannon, Dogs - Gretzky and Jackson
Accomplishments: 2013 NHRA North Central TAD Champion, 3x regional event winner, 2013 Carolina Nationals winner
First racecar: Junior Dragster
Favorite movies: The Hangover and Donnie Brasco
Favorite music: Anything and everything; classical to country to rap to the Frozen soundtrack
Favorite TV shows: House of Cards and Breaking Bad
Favorite sports teams: Chicago Blackhawks
When I'm away from the racetrack I: Work on the race car and hang out with my wife and our dogs.
Favorite racing memory: Our first national event win at Charlotte
Top accomplishment in racing: First converter car in the 5.3s
Toughest opponent: Bill Reichert
Favorite opponent: Duane Shields
Favorite drivers outside TAD: Brandon Snider (PDRA Pro Extreme)
Personal heroes: My dad, Aaron
I race because: I enjoy the competition.
I race TAD because: It's heads-up, you do everything yourself, it's the premier Sportsman class.
Pre-race rituals or superstitions: I always strap myself into the car. I'm usually the last driver to strap in.
If I didn't race I would: Be involved in politics

Driver: Todd Robertson
Car: Eaton Corporation Top Alcohol Funny Car
Age: 48
Hometown: Harrison Township, MI
Occupation: Drag racer
Family: Wife – Lynne, Son – Grant
Accomplishments: Owning my own race team and staying married for 18 years
First race car: 1968 Dodge Charger
Favorite movies: Snake and Mongoose
Favorite music: Aerosmith
Favorite TV shows: NHRA ESPN2 broadcasts
Favorite sports teams: Anything that overruns NHRA on TV, because that is the only time I watch other sports!
When I'm away from the racetrack I: work on my race car.
Favorite racing memory: Buying my first pro car – a 1994 ex-Darrell Alderman Haas-built Dodge Avenger.
Top accomplishment in racing: 2010 Milan 'Run What Ya Brung' Champion and 2010 Norwalk Door Wars Champion
Toughest opponent: Everyone in TAFC
Favorite opponent: Tony Bartone
Favorite drivers outside TAFC: Don Garlits
Personal heroes: My Dad
I race because: It's fun and challenging.
I race TAFC because: I can.
Pre-race rituals or superstitions: Listen to Aerosmith
Nobody knows that I: Eat, sleep, and breathe drag racing
If I didn't race I would: Restore and cruise Mopar muscle cars.

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