Area Lodging

Sawmill Creek Resort is proud to accept the honor of Summit Motorsports Park selecting us to as the OFFICIAL LODGING HOTEL.  We have earned that position by receiving excellent comments from teams and guests like you! 

It's simple...serious competitors have wanted a quality, feel good, casual place to really relax after a hard sports day.  Enjoy our 235 acre Lake Erie waterfront campus, four restaurants and bars...and a great night sleep.  It's a place you will look forward to returning to.  That's hard to find on the race circuit. 

Take a look on the website, you will understand quickly, it's simply the best place.  Beautiful lakefront, beaches, restaurants, shops, golf, nature walks, jet skis, and so much more.  Call Now (800)729-6455!

Discount Codes are being offered for the Following 2016 Events:
(Call 800-729-6455 for reservations, information and directions)

Mickey Mart Rewards Cavalcade of Stars May 20 - 22
$99 Double or $109 King Code:  COS16
Super Summit June 3 - 4
$119 Double or $129 King Code:  SS16
No Box Bonanza June 10 - 12
$129 Double or $139 King Code:  NBB16
Inaugural Fun Ford Reloaded
July 8 - 10
$159 Double or $169 King Code:  FFR16
Wanda Brand AkzoNobel Blue Suede Cruise July 15 - 17
$169 Double or $179 King Code:  BSC16
Monster Mopar Weekend July 29 - 31
$169 Double or $179 King Code:  MMW16
Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals Aug 5 - 7
$159 Double or $169 King Code:  PN16
Kelly Services Night Under Fire Aug 12 - 14
$159 Double or  $169 King Code:  NUF16
NMCA World Street Finals
Aug 26 - 28
$129 Double or $139 King Code:  NMCA16
Ten Grand Nationals Sept 2 - 4
$129 Double or $139 King Code:  TGN16
Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit 14      
Sept 16 - 18
$109 Double or $119 King Code:  SD16
The Fogey Feud Oct 1 - 2
$99 Double or $119 King CODE:  FF16
Quick Fuel Technology Halloween Classic XLIII     Oct 16 - 23
$129 Double or $139 King Code:  HC16

Sawmill Creek Resort
(400 Sawmill Creek Dr. W, Huron/Sandusky, OH 44839)




Trip Planning

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Plan Your Trip

Let us assist in planning your trip to Summit Motorsports Park.  Below you will find a list of hotels, cottages, bed & breakfasts and campgrounds within a 25 mile radius of the track.  If you are looking for something to do before you attend the races or before you go home, check out some of the different attractions in this area.  

Not sure how to get to Summit Motorsports Park, click on the 'Directions Link' and simply type in your address, and Google Maps will provide you pretty accurate directions to the park!

If you have never been to Summit Motorsports Park this section will hopefully answer all of your questions!  A seating map of our grandstands has been included for you to get a general idea of the layout, but for a more detailed version of the seating chart, you’ll need to go to our ticket section and click on a specific event.  

This section also provides our Track Guidelines, Camping & Motorhome Rules,General Facts about the Park and Track Records.  If you can’t find the information you need, please feel free to call our Corporate Office at 419-668-5555 and one of our guest service representatives will assist you!


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