Students Shine in Summit Motorsports Park Racing to Read Program

For the second year in a row, Summit Motorsports Park offered a Racing to Read program to students in kindergarten through sixth grade at select schools, and participation was plentiful for the three-week race-themed program which recently wrapped up.
Colorful bookmarks, keychains, pencils and erasers were among the prizes presented to students as they read - and recorded how much they read - during the at-home program. Recognized as Top Readers for having read the most when the program came to a close were Cody Miller of Maplehurst Elementary, Brooklyn Younce of Pleasant Elementary, Melissa Isais of League Elementary and Ryan Mortus of Norwalk Catholic Elementary, all in Norwalk, Ohio.
For their exceptional efforts, they each will receive a Fire Kids Edition Tablet, a certificate of achievement and two adult and two children's tickets for the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, June 22-25 at Summit Motorsports Park.
According to Yvonne Livengood, Summit Motorsports Park Guest Services Advocate, the success of this year's program very likely means that even more schools will be invited to take part in next year's program.
"The total hours of at-home reading were just over 1,664 for the three-week program, and I think that's absolutely fabulous," said Livengood. "Literacy is so important, so we're hoping to help instill in children a love of reading. If a person is a reader, it sets the groundwork for success in life."
Livengood added that students were conversing with each other about books they were reading for the program, which she sees as a sign of its success.
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Mary Lendzion
Summit Motorsports Park Media and Public Relations
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