Wiseco Performance Products takes on new roles in sponsorship and new events at Summit Motorsports Park

By Vic Ellinger, salesman at Wiseco Performance Products.

NORWALK, Ohio -- True to a grassroots heritage in high performance forged pistons, Wiseco Performance Products increased sponsorship at multiple levels for 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.Piston polish

As a new role, Wiseco Performance Products signed on as the presenting sponsor for Bear Motorsports Junior Dragsters.

Wiseco is excited to present the Junior Dragster 2013 class at Summit Motorsports Park,” said Vic Ellinger, in sales and marketing for Wiseco Performance Products, a local manufacturer based out of Mentor, Ohio. “We realize a lot of young racers gravitate toward running the big cars after they finish the junior program.

“We would like to show our appreciation to the families that choose our products to get them to the winner’s circle by stepping up our involvement with Summit Motorsports Park's points program.”

With the ongoing success of the Wiseco Fast Four shootout at the 7th Annual Mickey Mart Rewards Cavalcade of Stars presented by Budweiser May 17-19, 2013, Wiseco Performance Products increased the payout in both the Top sportsman and Top Dragster shootouts to $1,000 each for the two drivers with the fastest cars on the property.

In addition, Wiseco sponsors the X275 Drag Radial class October 4-6, 2013 at the new Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown at the Summit presented by Mickey Thompson.

“With the heads-up drag racing in our sights, Wiseco is very excited to help the Bader familMatt Dadas's Junior Dragster with fans.y bring this event to Summit Motorsports Park,” Ellinger said, “and along with the help of Summit Racing and Mickey Thompson, to be able to sustain this legendary event by supporting one of its most popular classes.

“We work very closely with premier Junior Dragster engine builders such as Blossom Racing Engines, to develop top performing parts that our young racers need to win in today’s ultra competitive classes,” Ellinger said. “The technology in some of these Briggs-based engines is staggering.”

“We feel by supporting the class and interacting with these families we may shed light on the fact that Wiseco does in fact participate in the Junior marketplace,” Vic Ellinger said. “Some racers may not have the facilities or capability to perform a home repair on their engines, and may not be familiar with the Wiseco brand, or that their engine has Wiseco components.

“Well, we would like to change that,” Ellinger said. “And the object here is to help them understand the inner workings of their race engines and get to know the people behind the products.”

“Seeing the large concentration of Wiseco products in sportsman and big buck racing today, and the fact that young junior racers look up to and want to be just like their dads and moms, aunts or uncles, we decided it made perfect sense to support both programs in 2013.

“When junior racers move on into big cars,” Ellinger said, “we hope that they will combine nostalgia and the top performance of Wiseco Performance Products into continuing their racing careers with us.”

“We hope to see today’s future stars follow in the tire grooves of Summit Motorsports Park racers who continued Wiseco loyalty from juniors into adult competition,” Ellinger said.

“These highly successful racers include Chris Bear, Kristen and Kelsey Kiger, and Lauren and Matt Dadas,” Ellinger said. “These racers show the same determination and sportsmanship of Clyde Wiseman, when he made his first piston in his East 92nd Street garage for his outboard racer.

“We feel that working with these young racers and the Bader family instills life-long beliefs that make for standout individuals both on and off the track.”

Class sponsor Bear Motorsports -- Ken and Chris Bear, and Randy Scheuer Jr. -- not only race with but test Wiseco products with the dedicated work of advanced product design, Ellinger said, adding his company receives valuable data from the race track testing.

“Dynos are informative,” Ellinger said. “But nothing compares to the rigors of powering a Bear Motorsports dragster for a full season.

“This team has an intense racing schedule and strict maintenance program,” Ellinger said, “and Ken Bear is not afraid to push our parts to the max.

“At one race, Ken made the executive decision to have Chris leave their entry’s 1100 horsepower beast stay running between rounds due to a damaged flywheel,” Ellinger said. “About three hours later the team was all smiles standing in the winner’s circle.”

Bobbie Bader, sponsor sales and service at Summit Motorsports Park, said Wiseco continues supporting the Wiseco Cycle Tech Super Bike in the 2013 Mr. Gasket $53,000+ Super Series.

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