Sponsor of the Year: Velvet Ice Cream Company.

Velvet Ice Cream is the official ice cream of Summit Motorsports Park.NORWALK, Ohio -- Summit Motorsports Park leads the pack in drag racing venues partly due to the financial support of sponsors though expansive and comprehensive marketing partnerships.

Tonight, we spotlight a sponsor who does more than send a check; in effect becoming a foot soldier in the effort to make Summit Motorsports Park the best race track on the planet.

Win or lose, our Sponsor of the Year tops every event with style.

As one of our very best marketing partnerships, they truly understand and see the value of the relationship they have with Summit Motorsports Park.

Despite escalating costs, they’re competitive in pricing with an incredible service orientation.

This company delivers what we need whenever we need it.

And fame connected with their product spread the Summit Motorsports Park name from coast to coast
with a smile.

Four generations have owned and operated this family business.

As we complete our Golden Anniversary, in 2014 the Sponsor of the Year celebrates a century. Their staying power may be due partly to their graciousness.

In a season, the track serves a mountain of more than 20 tons of their delicious a la mode. And as a tried and true philosophy this sponsor believes two scoops are better than one.

Owned by an honest, hard-working family that we’re proud to call family.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our sweet Sponsor of the Year, from Utica, Ohio, the Velvet Ice Cream Company. Here to receive the award are Paige and Steve Stewart.

Investigate historical, creative and fun facts about the Velvet Ice Cream Company at http://velveticecream.com/.

When you visit Summit Motorsports Park, visit Wild Willy's Ice Cream Saloon and enjoy a pound of delicious Velvet Ice Cream for a buck.

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