Generosity abounds at Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night.

Old or new, we love our cars.Fun Night Friends.

NORWALK, Ohio – Five gifts and a thief in the night describe the final round showdowns at the Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

If drag races only figured elapsed time compared with dial in, then Jerry Jamison, Berlin Heights, Ohio, would have collected the win light in his 1983 Mustang in the final round of Mickey Thompson Mod Stock.

But Chuck Bateson, Wayne, Ohio, launched his 1972 Duster off the line with a reaction time of 0.055 seconds compared with Jerry Jamison’s 0.096 seconds.

So Chuck Bateson stole the Mickey Thompson Mod Stock victory on a hole shot. And yes, hole shots are legal in bracket racing. When you’re the one making them happen, they’re desirable.

Then two breakout “gifts” settled contests in Mickey Thompson Stock and Mickey Thompson High School classes.

The moment.In Mickey Thompson Stock, Steve Kuska, Cleveland, Ohio tooled his blue BMW down the track 0.019 seconds faster than his dial in, which means he broke out, flipping the win light to T.J. Jordan racing a red 2002 Monte Carlo.

In the high school version of the same infraction, Seth Hurst logged a reaction time one third as long as Dakota Ouellette, and motored down the dragstrip in fine style – that is until Seth Hurst crossed the stripe 0.040 seconds too soon.

They call it a Christmas tree for a reason, and not just for the pretty lights.

Red light gifts decided the competitions in three classes: Mickey Thompson Super Stock, Mickey Thompson Bike, and Mickey Thompson Truck and Van.

Going for the Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night money in Super Stock, John Bailey, Wellington, Ohio tripped the red by 0.015 seconds and gifted Rick McWaters, Bucyrus, Ohio, piloting a 1986 FJ 1200 motorcycle.

Andy Pfeiffer, Norwalk, Ohio, launched early on his 2004 ZX 636 motorcycle and tossed the victory to John Weisz, Bellevue, Ohio, riding a 2000 Aprilla motorcycle in Mickey Thompson Bike.

Of our sweet collection of Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night Light the night.trucks and vans, Matt Sopher, Findlay, Ohio left early in his 2001 Ford Lightning truck and brightened the quarter mile of Jerry Crawford, Monroeville, Ohio with an early win light.

Other visitors to the track include a 2012 Toyota Scion TC, which sports a yellow color splashed on only 2,200 of them, said Keith Krnac, Lorain, Ohio, who looks forward to the NMRA and NMCA races this season at Summit Motorsports Park.

“I’ve been here four times in the last six years,” Keith Krnac said. “I race motorcross. I’ve been doing that for 16 years.”

A royal blue 2004 Kawasaki motorcycle announces its presence for night racing with blue lights strategically spaced on the bike.

“I’ve had it about three years,” said Andrew Pfeiffer, 27, Norwalk. “I’ve been racing cars for a long time, 10 years or so, about as long as I’ve had a license.”

Darrell “Joey” Blake, 27, Findlay, Ohio, works at Advance Auto Parts in Fostoria, Ohio.

Craftsmanship.It’s my first time back in awhile,” Darrell “Joey” Blaske said, adding he might race sometime. “I’ve got a decent truck. I used to have Mustangs, but I got rid of them.”

Chad Mullins, Wakeman, Ohio, hit a perfect light, a reaction time of 0.000, driving a target red 1965 Oldsmobile 442 with a 455 cu. in. Oldsmobile motor, in round three of the Mickey Thompson Stock class.

The little red beauty can scoot, too, traveling the quarter mile in 11-second elapsed times, in the company of three other stock class vehicles for the evening, and reaching 112 mph.

“I usually dial 11.86. I’ve gone 11.60,” Chad Mullins said. Perhaps one of the best trips taken in the Olds is down the Mullins family memory lane.

“I’ve had it for three years,” Chad Mullins said. “My grandpa bought it brand new. My dad had it about 20 years.”

Mike Mullins, Chad’s dad’s brother’s son, Homerville, Ohio, shared affection for the car which spans three or four generations and 48 years, and for their grandparents, Arvil and Pansy Mullins.

“We used to ride in it as kids with our grandparents,” Mike Mullins said.

“We went to the Sparkle Market,” Chad Mullins Chad Mullins raced his target red 1965 Oldsmobile.said.

“I remember going to the A&P. That’s how far back I go,” Mike Mullins said.

At Mickey Thompson $7 Fun Night, Mike Mullins hangs out while Chad races.

On Saturdays, Mike Mullins takes to the track in a black 1964 Corvette with a 422 small block Chevy engine in the Mr. Gasket $53,100 Super Series at Summit Motorsports Park.

“I’ve had it since December of 2012,” Mike Mullins said. “I wrecked my Opal at the Halloween Classic.”

For a printable PDF of RACE RESULTS from the Wednesday, May 8, 2013 Mickey Thompson Tires $7 Fun Night, click on: First Race Place.

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