Camping and Motorhome Information


Thank you for being our guest at Summit Motorsports Park! Our Code of Conduct has been established to help create a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for our guests of all ages. Guests are required to take responsibility for their behaviour to insure they are not interfering with the enjoyment of others. For complete information please visit


• To report issues, or for assistance during office hours our landline is (419) 668-5555.
• For 24/7 assistance or to submit an anonymous report during an event please text (419) 554-0550.


Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals ONLY:
Golf carts, ATV’s, etc. are restricted to handicapped guests within the park. Must present handicap registration and photo I. D. at gate.

1. NEW All generators MUST be properly vented away from neighboring guests and neighboring guest units per the State of Ohio rules and regulations.
2. The speed limit in the pits is 10 miles-per-hour. All motor vehicle operators must have a valid state driver’s license.
3. The owner of the Camping/Motorhome site will be responsible for all members of his/her party.
4. After 1:00 am any noise complaints from neighbors in all camping/motorhome areas are grounds for
immediate removal. Exception: Family Camping quiet hours are between 11:00 pm – 7:00 am.
5. To gain access to a Camping/Motorhome site; you must have a Camping/Motorhome placard, a camping
ticket and daily admission tickets for each camper. Only full event ticket holders will be permitted on the
Trackside Motorhome, Wilson’s Fence Row or Family Camping sites after racing is completed.
6. Campfires are permitted in fire rings only; no open burning is permitted. Guest must provide their own fire
7. You are expected to leave your site as clean as you found it.
8. All roadways and walkways must be kept clear.
9. Arrival and departure times must be observed. Please refer to the website for specific move-in hours for a
particular event.
10. Alcohol may be consumed responsibly on your site but is not permitted to be brought into the grandstands
or race areas.
11. Illegal activities or activities that violate local laws and Camping/Motorhome rules or Health Department
rules are not permitted. Lewd behavior, offensive signs, public intoxication and/or profanity will not be tolerated. Violators will be arrested and removed from the facility as well as forfeiting all renewal rights. NO REFUNDS!
12. Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash and must not be a nuisance to other guests. Pet Registration forms should be completed and given to the area Camping Manager. Please clean up after your pet.
13. No glass containers of any kind are permitted on the grounds.
14. No fireworks of any kind are permitted on the grounds.
15. State and County Health Department rules must be obeyed. Dumping wastewater onto the park grounds is
not permitted.
16. The Summit Motorsports Park Campground/Motorhome Manager may exercise his/her discretion in the
enforcement and application of these rules.
17. All RV’s, travel trailers, tents and pop-ups must allow no less than 10 feet between units end to end and 15 feet between unit’s side to side per the Ohio Health Department of Campgrounds.



1. We permit the following recreational vehicle types in our primitive Family Camping areas: (a) Truck campers (loaded into the bed of a pick-up truck), (b) Pop-up Trailers (also known as tent or folding camping trailers) and (c) Tents. No hard-sided campers are permitted. Hybrid campers with canvas pull outs will be permitted only on sites 2051-2060 if they conform to Ohio Health Dept. of Campgrounds distance requirements (17) and fit on the site.
2. Up to three (3) tents are permitted per site if they comply with distance requirements by the Ohio Health Department of Campgrounds (17).
3. One passenger vehicle or two motorcycles are permitted per campsite; extra vehicles must park in spectator parking.
4. The Family Campground includes families with children, and everyone is required to behave accordingly.
5. Quiet hours will be strictly enforced between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Violators will be removed.
6. No generators are permitted in the Family Camping area.


1. NEW All generators MUST be properly vented away from neighboring guests and neighboring guest units per the State of Ohio rules and regulations.
2. Trackside Electric and Non-electric Motorhome Camping: Recreational vehicles are permitted including Class A, B, & C, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Sport Utility or Toy Haulers with commercially built-in living quarters only and Truck Campers.
3. Our Trackside Electric Motorhome sites come with 50-amp power service. Please plan accordingly if you need an adaptor, as we only have a very limited supply of adapters for sale. Trackside Electric requires you to have the proper electrical cords and adapters in the correct configuration. All 50 amp/60amp campers and motorhome units must have 50A extension cords directly from the unit to the electrical box. No other configuration is permitted.
4. Up to one additional motor vehicle or two motorcycles are permitted to park in your Motorhome site. Golf carts, ATVs, etc. count as one vehicle.
5. No additional trailers are permitted on the campsite; this includes trailers to haul a golf cart or other pit conveyances, grills, etc.
6. Motorhomes should be parked either pulled or backed in and centered on the designated motorhome number.
7. One framed, properly secured canopy is permitted on the motorhome site in addition to attached awnings.


1. NEW All generators MUST be properly vented away from neighboring guests and neighboring guest units per the State of Ohio rules and regulations.
2. All units permitted in the Family Campground and Trackside Motorhome are permitted in Wilson’s Fence Row.
3. NEW Additionally, open and enclosed trailers are permitted in this section; however, they must reasonably fit on a 20’ x 50’ site.





Road Adventures by Mark Wahlberg has emergency service available for all main events at Summit Motorsports Park in 2022. The only way to request emergency service is to text 440-282-5600. You will then be put in direct contact with the service technician who is on-call for that weekend’s race.

4500 Grove Avenue
Lorain, Ohio 44055
Call or text: 440-282-5600